It is the policy of the Practice to monitor and manage appointments that are not kept. Commonly referred to as “no-shows,” these include any patient who fails to arrive within 20 minutes for a scheduled appointment or fails to arrive without canceling the appointment. Select surgical appointments may require 48-72 hour notice. 

In the event that a patient misses more than one medical appointment during a 12-month period, the patient will be charged $50 for the second and third no-show. He or she may be required to prepay or to provide a credit card with an agreement that the fee will be charged if he or she fails to present for an appointment.  

Any cosmetic appointment that is no show or canceled SAME DAY will incur a fee. Thirty-minute appointments will be charged $50 and hour appointments will be charged $100.

Late Arrivals
It is the policy of the Practice that a patient who arrives more than 15 minutes after their appointment time is considered a late arrival. Despite the disruption to patient flow, all late arriving patients will be accommodated to the best of the Practice’s ability in order to provide quality care to all patients. Given Covid precautions, late-arriving patients may be asked to wait in the car until their appointment can be accommodated. Additionally, late-arriving patients at the end of the day may have to be rescheduled to the next availability.