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A Message from Saryna Young, MD

Dermatologist, FAAD

I founded Young Skin, LLC during the COVID-19 pandemic with the idea of bringing dermatology access directly in the hands and homes of patients.

In 2020 the virus hit and social distancing precluded the practice of most live dermatology services. The bright side of the sudden transition to telehealth was that the video visit format connected the patient and doctor directly. Virtual visits cut out a lot of the layers of scheduling difficulties in the office visit format such as taking time off from work, traffic frustrations and wait times due to volume of patients in the office setting. The video visit re-elevated the doctor-patient relationship to its rightful position as the most important factor. 

When the pandemic eventually dissipates, sustaining these ideals in the format of both telederm visits and in-person office care will be of the greatest priority as many healthcare facilities march towards a corporate medical model. At Young Skin, the dermcare team strives to be prepared, professional and personable during every patient visit.

About Dr. Saryna Young

Over 13 years, Dr. Young built a largely successful practice at a mutli specialty medical group, where she was voted in the Westchester Magazine as a Top 100 Doctor from 2015-2020, and in the Cosmetic Edition in 2018 and 2019. 

In 2021, she was voted to "Top 100 Docs" Fairfield County. She participates with Stamford Health's Physician Alliance of Stamford. 

Dr. Young was chief resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. Upon graduation she was certified by the American Board of Dermatology and re-certified in 2017. She did her internship locally at Greenwich Hospital, Yale New Haven Health Network. She graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2003 as a Golding Distinguished Scholar with distinction in research and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA).

Prior to medical school, Dr. Young gained a wide variety of work experience as a clinical trials coordinator, fashion executive, walk-in clinic receptionist, exercise instructor and waitress. 

Dr. Young has volunteered in Medical Education in Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) and Health Volunteer Overseas (Costa Rica). She has a working knowledge of Spanish.

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