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Laser Treatments

Young Skin Dermatology provides laser treatments, specializing in resurfacing, tightening, and brightening the skin. We have a wide range of treatments available. Our skilled laser technician has a brilliant eye and will provide you with the medical and cosmetic laser procedures to meet your expectations. We will help you determine what treatment is right for you and will get you your desired results. Laser skin resurfacing is used as a method of wrinkle reduction around the lips or eyes. This is a less invasive alternative to Botox, and it will leave your skin looking soft and smooth. Our laser treatments can refine your skin’s texture and thickness, and they will give your skin an overall glow. We also offer Ultherapy to give your double chins and neck area the only FDA-approved laser lift, refining fat reduction and tightening the skin.


Additionally, we offer laser hair removal treatment. If you’re tired of shaving every day and are looking for a more permanent solution, we can provide you with fast, efficient laser hair reduction with a Diode laser. You can say goodbye to annoying, prickly hairs! We use lasers for various cosmetic and medical treatments, and we can find the procedure that meets your needs. Please schedule your appointment at our skin care clinic in Stamford, CT, today.