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This is an alt text of a woman receiving a laser facial treatment.

Laser Treatments

Tightening and smoothing
Pixel 8 (Radiofrequency microneedling)

Lifting and Tightening
Ulthera ultrasound

Unwanted Red spots
Excel V+
Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Unwanted brown spots and tattoos
Q switched laser

Unwanted brown spots and smoothing

Unwanted spots, smoothing and tightening
Opus (radiofrequency and plasma)

Unwanted hair
Laser hair removal all skin types
(Diode and Nd:yag)

Body Unwanted sagging , stretchmarks, scars and muscle loss
Evolve radiofrequency and muscle stimulation
Pixel 8

Hair loss and drug delivery
TED Transepidemal Delivery acoustic waves
Evo microneedling pen
Red Light

Fine lines and tone
Evo microneedling pen
Blue Light
Red Light

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