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An ultra-hydrating, vitamin-enriched hand cream. With nourishing cold-processed oils and a bouquet of plant-based goodness, you can slather on to swap weathered-looking hands for smooth ones. Kat’s proprietary, nutrient dense KB5™ Complex, rich in antioxidants, is added to defend against environmental damage. Use throughout the day or whenever you’re feeling dry.

Benefits: Hydration and nutrition flood into hands to help rebuild skin, cuticles and nailbeds. Brighten and protect without silicone, that can seal in viruses and bacteria.

Uses: Use daily AM and PM

How to Use: Blend a dime size on fingertips and rub into hands. Rub into cuticles to promote healing and growth of nails.


Key Ingredients: KB5™ Complex • Safflower Seed Oil • Sunflower Seed Oil

Pair It With: Power Trio Radiance Oil – Super Nutrient Elixir – Lift & Fill Form Control ™ - Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream

Hand Therapy 4.4 oz/130 ml

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